Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-12-18

The attack by the Pakistani Taliban, purportedly in retaliation for the Pakistani Army’s offensive in Waziristan, illustrates the degree to which an anti-Islamic cult of death has permeated into the ranks of some groups claiming an affiliation with Islam. Be it Boko Haram, ISIS or the Taliban, no one is spared the Satanic wrath of these deranged murderers. Boko Haram blows up mosques filled with worshipers, kills school girls, kidnaps others and sells yet others into sexual bondage. ISIS kills anyone deemed guilty of opposing their twisted view of Shari’ah with wanton impunity. And now the Taliban kills 141 people… Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-12-13

Like Eric Garner, I can’t breathe, eleven times… Maybe because America has stolen my breath, But how could that be, America is never guilty of theft. No stolen labor from chattel slaves, No stolen land from vanquished braves, No stolen kingdom called Hawaii… How could that ever be in the land of the free? If I can’t breathe it’s not because of anything… America has done to me. Like Eric Garner, I can’t breathe, eleven times… But my ensuing death is not the ultimate crime, Because the… Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-12-10

If Emmett Till would be the last to die, Then why was Michael Brown left to ask why? Then why was Tamir Rice gunned down so fast? And why was Omar’s life not one to last? Darrien Hunt shot six times in the back, And no cops indicted for that attack. Ezell Ford said to be of unsound mind, Shot down by cops, can they be colorblind? John Crawford sought to buy a BB gun, Tanesha Anderson too sick to run. Akai Gurley was walking down the stairs. Who will be… Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-12-01

Rudy Giuliani, in discussing the case of Michael Brown’s killing in Ferguson, Missouri, made the following statement, “I find it very disappointing,” he told [Chuck] Todd,  “that you’re not discussing the fact that 93 percent of blacks in America are killed by other blacks. … I would like to see the attention paid to that that you are paying to this.” In case one is wondering what is the basis of his fallacious analogy, Giuliani made it clear that he is wrestling with some deeper pathologies when he admonished his African American interlocutor, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, “The white police… Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-11-30

The recent killing of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio, casts more light on many of the issues relevant in the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. I mention this because those who argue that if African American males just act normal and mind our business these sort of killings would not happen. In this regard, my post on Ferguson, a few days ago, generated an informative and balanced discussion. Something was missed by all of the commentators at that time. Namely, virtually every victim of the police shootings I mentioned was acting normal at the time of his slaying. Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-11-27

Let us give thanks for blessings we behold, Blessings transcending wealth –silver and gold. Let us remember those who’ve lost their way, Let us remember solemnly to pray. And as we fall down humbly on our knees, Let us give thanks for hearts that aren’t diseased. For thankfulness is a sign of hearts’ health, And graciousness the source of all true wealth. So thank our Lord for food, for drink, for bed, For peace of mind and clarity of head. So thank our Lord for blessing us to pray, And work… Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-11-26

Ferguson: While Race Still Matters By Imam Zaid Shakir Note: This essay was first posted in the immediate aftermath of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. In the aftermath of the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict the officer who killed Brown, a decision I totally expected, I am reposting it with the addition of a paragraph mentioning the police slaying of two Ohio youths, both African Americans, who have been fatally shot by police since Brown’s killing in Ferguson. At the end of the day, until we see all humans as truly equal, gross disparities in law… Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-11-22

The LMA Sydney Muslim Conference 2014 attracted around 900 delegates from around Australia and overseas, and addressed various themes and issues with one of America’s most influential Scholars, Imam Zaid Shakir, By Gina Rushton, Sydney AU, November 17, 2014 ONE of America’s leading Muslim scholars has condemned Islamic State and told a conference in Sydney that people of his faith had to be “messengers of peace”. Imam Zaid Shakir — the co-founder of Berkeley’s Zaytuna College — last night gave the keynote speech at the Sydney Muslim Conference in the city’s west and slammed the actions of… Read More

Halloween II


Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-11-01

My recent post on Halloween has created quite a stir. That being the case, I would like to clarify a few issues. First of all, the intended audience of that original post was Muslims, some of whom had asked me to write something on the issue. It was not intended for “pagans,” nor was it intended to question their beliefs, per se. Rather, I was calling into question the actions of some Muslims who engage in practices informed by beliefs alien to our religion. Secondly, the style and brevity of what I wrote was dictated to a… Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-10-27

One the tragedies of our times is found in the easy willingness some Muslims accept practices, rituals or cultural symbols that have their roots in demonic or occult practices. Halloween is a perfect example. Most scholars trace the origins of Halloween to the then pagan Celtic people who believed that on a certain night, the dead would come alive and could walk among the living. On this night some of these people would dress up in ghoulish costumes believing that the spirits of the dead would mistake them for one of their own and not harass them. Others would offer… Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-10-13

Virtually everyone I know who has attended the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference (RIS) since its inception feel that it is the best large Islamic Conference they have attended. I definitely feel that way. The organizers have done an amazing job in creating a highly professional event that truly leaves most attendees feeling revived and re-energized, prepared to face the daily challenges awaiting them upon returning to their homes with greater energy, resolve and vision. I look forward to that boost every year. Like any human endeavor, RIS is not perfect. Some of its imperfections have been highlighted this past… Read More

Eid Mubarak!


Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-10-07

As we conclude our celebration of this Eid holiday, let us all take time to recount the many blessings we enjoy. Although it is certainly true that there are many places in our Ummah that face persistent strife, and we have a responsibility to do all that we can to help alleviate the suffering of those afflicted in those areas, we must acknowledge that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are living in peace and tranquility. Among the foremost blessing we enjoy is the blessing of security. We are reminded in the Qur’an of this in the context… Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-09-16

Those of us who have been speaking out against the menace of so-called “Jihad” must redouble our efforts. “Jihad” is far more than a threat to the lives of unsuspecting innocent people, both here in the West and in Muslim countries. It is a threat to our religion, in terms of how Islam is being represented by the advocates of “Jihad” and how it is being perceived by others. Muslim scholars cannot remain silent and allow this misrepresentation to go unaddressed. As for those youth who have been alienated by the systematic “othering” of Muslims in the post-9/11 anti-Muslim climate… Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-09-06

In his Time Magazine essay discussing the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Rand Paul focuses on the militarizing of our police. He also mentions the malicious role that race plays in our law enforcement and criminal justice systems, a courageous stance for a white American politician. Paul, however, misses a critical point. He says that as a youth if he were told by policeman to get out of the street, he would likely have “smarted off” without the expectation of being shot. The point is that an average young white kid today can still smart off to… Read More

Imam Zaid Shakir

Posted on 2014-08-01

“And that’s the difference between us and our neighbors,” he continued. “They consider murderers to be heroes. They name public squares after them. We don’t. We condemn them and we put them on trial and we’ll put them in prison.” Binyamin Netanyahu Reacting to the arrest of the Israeli colonizers who murdered Palestinian teenager, Mohammad Abu Khdeir, Israel’s Prime Minister uttered the above words. Either Mr. Netanyahu is oblivious to the history of his country, or his mendacity is so effective he has brainwashed himself and actually believes his lies. The fact that he can even utter these words, as… Read More


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