Pakistani Murders Are Wrong!

The attack by the Pakistani Taliban, purportedly in retaliation for the Pakistani Army’s offensive in Waziristan, illustrates the degree to which an anti-Islamic cult of death has permeated into the ranks of some groups claiming an affiliation with Islam. Be it Boko Haram, ISIS or the Taliban, no one is spared the Satanic wrath of these deranged murderers.

Boko Haram blows up mosques filled with worshipers, kills school girls, kidnaps others and sells yet others into sexual bondage. ISIS kills anyone deemed guilty of opposing their twisted view of Shari’ah with wanton impunity. And now the Taliban kills 141 people including 132 children, several women, all of them Muslims.

It should be clear to all that these acts of savage barbarity have no justification and no foundation in the teachings of Islam. They are pathetic acts slinking out of demented minds and poisoned hearts. No political agenda, no moral justification, no rational calculation, no claims of retribution, whatsoever, can justify the carnage occurring yesterday in Pakistan and similar acts. None!

Politically-motivated murder is wrong. It is wrong if the perpetrator is the US military via drones, bombs and missiles. It is wrong if the perpetrator is the Israeli Defense Forces operating under lofty names such as Protective Edge or Cast Lead. It is wrong if the perpetrator is the Taliban, ISIS, Boko Haram or any other group that would slap a veneer of Islam on dastardly and diabolical deeds. It is wrong if it is carried out in the name of tribe, nation or religion. It is wrong whether it results in one death, one hundred deaths, one thousand deaths or one hundred thousand. It is wrong!

May all of those voices speaking out against politically-motivated murder become stronger, louder and more effective. We must all join together to work harder to end this scourge before it puts an end to us. May Allah have mercy on the long suffering people of Pakistan and all others being deprived of their God-given right to security. Our condolences to the victims of politically-motivated violence wherever they may be. May God bless and heal this troubled world.