The Flowers of Spring


May 01, 2019 at 9:12 am

Like as the glistening snowflakes adorn the wintery expanses of fields, trees, and rolling hills in a soft blanket of downy frost, so do the flowers of Spring embellish our lives. Their colors charm us, their fragrances permeate into the depths of our souls and their voices join in serenading harmony the birds magically appearing after an absence that can seem, at times, to rival eternity. Yet their enchanting presence is fleeting for they inevitably wither and fade taking with them the glorious canvas they had painted in our gardens, parks and hillsides. Yet go they must for they are but an ephemeral reminder of the incomparable beauty to be found in that boundless realm wherein exist wonders no eye has beheld, no ear has captured and no imagination has fancied. Were the flowers of Spring to linger, perhaps we would never learn to yearn for the magnificent garden to be found beyond this world. And so we enjoy the beauty the flowers offer us and welcome their departure as the beginning of our arrival.